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RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker 1.4 Free Download

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RuneScape is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most popular MMORPG game. With something over 150 million registered accounts, it surpasses other RPG online games such as World of Warcraft, one of the main reasons for its popularity being the fact that is free and playable from the browser - you don’t have download and install a separate file that runs the game, you only log-in via the browser and play it directly from anywhere.

Because of its immense number of active players, cheating is a popular theme too. This is a reason for tools such as RuneScape Auto Typer and Clicker to grow in popularity, even if the risk of having your account banned is quite high. The idea for this program (actually 2-in-1 program) is that it will either randomly type in the game, phrases that you’ve initially added, or click on certain locations (in a similar random format). An auto typer for RuneScape is useful because while you navigate through the game you can have your character say something without having to type it yourself, thus you’ll be able to recruit a team (in Clan Wars) or sell items.

How to use RuneScape Auto type and clicker:

  • Download, install and after that open the program
  • Click on Auto Typer or Auto Clicker, depending on what you want it to do
  • If choosing Auto Typer, click on Add and write your phrase in the Message field (you can also add various effects to your text). You can add multiple phrases, these will be played in order from top to bottom.
  • Set a delay between messages (too often might get you penalized), run RuneScape and then press F12 when you want the auto-typer to start displaying the messages (same for AutoClicker, you set how many times to have it click in one place and it will automatically click there).

This program is very easy to use, and its features are limited to exactly what it says it’ll do, auto type a message (out of a sequence of messages) or auto-click in one spot for as many times as you need it. This is not a tool such as a trainer, so you won’t be able to artificially increase your resources or get more items this way, it’s just a little helper with the two common tasks in Runescape: clicking and talking. To be honest I was expecting for it to be a tool that would indeed help you cheat on Runescape, not that I would recommend cheating, but this is what the title of the program led me to believe it was doing.

Video guide for Runescape AutoTyper and AutoClicker:

The RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker application for the RuneScape game has been written in the Visual Basic language and does not contain any form of malware. It also includes a calculator and a high score module. The users however need to save the program on the desktop so they don’t have to redownload it. The rate of the type can be changed and can be stopped at any time.

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